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When will I see my wildflowers bloom

Annual Species if sown in spring, flowers will start to appear 8-10 weeks after sowing. If sown in autumn, the plant will flower the following summer. 

Perennial species will flower the following year after sowing – so be patient when you don’t see flowers the first year, they’re on their way!

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What are Annual & Perennial Wildflower Species?

Annual species complete their entire life cycle in a single season. All roots, stems, leaves of the plant die annually. So, annual wildflowers complete their lifecycle in one season. 

Perennial species are plants that persist for many growing seasons, the top portion of the plant dies back each winter (i.e. the flower) and regrows the following summer from the same root system. Perennials flower the second year and subsequent years after sowing.

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What is the sowing rate for wildflowers

Please check recommended sowing rates before sowing, these can be found on the front of the mixture packet or on the mixture product page. Increasing this rate may result in some species outcompeting others, decreasing the rate may result in weeds or grasses to dominate.

*Estimating your seedbed area: A single bed is 2 square meters, how many single beds could you fit in the area you want to sow?

100% Native Wildflower Seeds only: 1.5-3g per square meter
Pollinator Seeds: 3-5g per square meter
Meadow Mixes (Grass seed with wildflower seed): 5g per square meter


When to sow wildflower seeds

March to June or August to mid October is the most suitable time for sowing wildflower seeds. There are no hard and fast rules, so keep an eye on the weather. Obviously if late frosts are forecasted you should delay sowing in the spring and if a summer drought persists into the autumn, then wait for rain. Germination will be slower if the weather is dry or cold.

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What temperature should soil be for sowing

For spring sowing, you should not sow anything until soil temperatures have exceeded 4 degrees C and are rising. The seeds are unlikely to start to germinate until temperatures reach 6 – 10 c. If you are sowing in the autumn be aware that soil temperatures must remain above 6 degrees for two weeks post sowing

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